Title Purpose Pages Download links Extra Handouts
User Guide Step by step illustrated guide to all the functions in Digimap for Schools 36 PDF English (4.6MB) N/A
Exploring the Gazetteer Understanding search using place name, postcode and grid reference. 4 PDF English (417KB)

PDF Welsh (445KB)
Quick ideas for using Digimap for Schools 12 quick classroom or homework ideas (secondary) using Digimap for Schools. 3 PDF English (354KB)

PDF Welsh (758KB)
Mystery Maps Displaying maps of a mystery location to encourage students to use clues in the map itself to decide where the place is. 6 PDF English (545KB) Powerpoint slides (3.3MB)
Progression in mapping This framework offers a progression in mapping skills and knowledge for learners aged 5 - 11. 6 PDF English (537KB)

PDF Welsh (678KB)
Games and Stories 6 quick ideas for Primary activities 4 PDF English (370KB)

PDF Welsh (408KB)
Using Geograph as an image source The Geograph website has over 3.7 million photographs that can be used in Digimap for schools. 6 PDF English (535KB)

PDF Welsh (878KB)