How to add a photo to your map

The Add Photo tool in the Annotation Tools enables you to place a photo that you have saved on your computer on top of your map.

To add a photo:

  1. Open the Annotation Tools
  2. Click on the Add Photo tool add photo icon
  3. Click on the map where you would like to locate your photo.
  4. In the Add Photo pop up box, click on the Browse or Choose File button and navigate to where your photo is saved on your computer (or network drive)

  5. upload photo
  6. Once your photo is selected, click the Upload button
  7. Your photo will now appear on the map as a thumbnail with a red pin, like the example below. You can click on the thumbnail to view a larger version of your photo. The photo is attached to the pin with an 'elastic' line. this means you can click & drag to move the photo around to choose the best position for your photo, without obscuring features on the map. Use the Move Tool from the Annotations Toolbar to click & drag the photo or pin.

  8. You can also label your photos using the Add Label tool.

add photo example

Any photos you have added to the map will be treated like normal annotations and therefore will be saved or printed with the map (if you choose to do so)

Adding photos from Geograph

Geograph is an excellent resource to find photos of locations in Great Britain. When you have found a photo to use, right-click on the photo and choose 'Save As...' to save it to your computer. Then use the Add Photo annotation tool to upload your saved photo.