Using Digimap for Schools

This page gives information about who to contact if you have questions about or problems with Digimap for Schools.


If you are a teacher, in the first instance you should always contact the teacher in your school who is designated as the named contact for Digimap for Schools. This person will probably be the person who sent you the password for Digimap for Schools. If you do not know who your named contact teacher is or whether your school subscribes to Digimap for Schools or not, please contact EDINA with your school's name, address and postcode.


If you are a pupil needing help in using Digimap for Schools, please read the help pages once you have logged in to Digimap for Schools. If these do not answer your question, please contact your teacher for assistance.

Named Contact Teachers

For queries about your subscription, invoicing and payment terms please contact JISC Collections on For queries about how to use Digimap for Schools, licence terms, terms of use or eligibility or if you are encountering difficulties with the service please contact EDINA on