How to find a grid reference

Digimap for Schools features two tools to help you find a grid reference for any location or feature on the map. You can either overlay National Grid lines on the screen to work out a grid reference, or use the Information Tool to click on the map to find out the Grid Reference for that point.

Overlay National Grid lines

To help you work out the Grid Reference for a location or a feature, you can use the Overlay National Grid lines function to display grid lines over any of the screen maps. Grid letters and line numbers are displayed so you can work out the grid reference for your feature of interest. Grid line spacing and labelling varies between the views, appropriate to each scale.

To view the grid lines, click the Overlay national grid lines grid overlay tool icon on the toolbar.

grid lines example

Information Tool

You can find a Grid Reference for any point on your map by using the Information Tool.

Click the Grid Reference icon Information Tool on the toolbar to open the tool. Then click once on the point on your map that you want to find the grid reference of.

A red pin will be placed at the point you clicked with a label showing the Grid Reference of that point. If you are looking at aerial photography, a label showing the date the aerial photography was flown will appear (see section How to find the date of the aerial photography).

grid reference example

Click again on the map to find the Grid Reference of another point, or click the icon on the toolbar to deactivate the tool.