How to find a place

You can search for a place, such as your home town, village or city, using the Search box.

Type a place name into the search box and click go (or hit the return key on your keyboard)

Search Box

If more than one place matching your search is found, a list of search results will appear.
Click to select the place you want to view and the map will zoom to that location. If only one place is found, you will see a map of that place rather than the search results box.

Search Results

The box will stay open and you can move it to a different place on the screen by clicking and dragging on the top title bar of the box. To view a map of a different place from your search results, click on the place name. When you have found the place you are looking for click close to remove the window.

You can also search using a Postcode or a Grid Reference. You must use a full postcode (e.g. SW1A 1AA not just SW1) and Grid References must start with two letters followed by an even number of digits (e.g. NN166713). Searching for a Postcode or Grid Reference will take you straight to a map.

To clear the map and start again, click the Start Again button above the map. This will take you back to an outline map of Great Britain. The search results box does not automatically close if you click start again. You should close it first.