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Geograph project

The Geograph® Project aim to collect, publish, organise and preserve representative images and associated information for every square kilometre of Great Britain, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. Through the Geograph® website the geographical database is freely available to the public. Click here to visit the Geograph® website.

Getting started

To search for Geograph images in Digimap for Schools, click on the Geograph® icon on our toolbar.

Geograph Tool Bar

Once you have clicked on the Geograph icon, the search box below will appear.

Geograph Window

Search tips

The search box will stay open. You can move it to a different place on the screen by clicking and dragging on the top title bar of the box.
Type your search term. Notice that as you type, suggestions are presented. For example, I type hill and receive a list of terms to select from e.g. hill farm, hill fort etc.

Geograph Search

Your search term finds individual words and phrases in the image titles and image descriptions.
Hit Enter to see your results.

NOTE:if you wish to display all the photos in an area, type * into the search box. (Note: This functionality is only available at the 3 most zoomed in levels)

Search results

Once you have entered your search term and hit Enter your results will be presented as you see in the images below.

Geograph Results

The circles on the map represent clusters of images. The different colours represent the different numbers of images at a location.
Zoom in to the location of interest. As you zoom in, more detail and small images (thumbnails) will appear on the map.
Keep the Geograph search box open as you zoom around! When you close the search box, your search results are no longer visible on the map.

NOTE:When there are multiple images at exactly the same position, you will see a number beside the thumnail at the most zoomed in level. To view all the images at this level you simply need to click on the 'Next Photo' button.

Geograph Results

View Geograph images

When you have identified the location and image you wish to view, simply click on the small image. A pop up box will open with a larger version of the image.
The box will contain the image plus the Title, Photographers Name, Date the image was taken, and in most cases a Description.

Geograph Record

Geograph website record

Click on the link 'View full size image on Geograph' to view the original image and details on the Geograph website.
Note that this will open a new tab in your internet browser.

Geograph Site

Print and Save

It is not possible to print and/or save your map with the Geograph images.