How to manage and delete saved maps

After a while, the list of saved maps for your school may have grown so much that you want to have a tidy up and organise this list.
You can organise your maps using the Map Manager tool. This tool is only available to teachers or anyone with the access PIN number.

Open Map Manager

To access the Map Manager click on the icon Map Manager icon in the tool bar.
This will open the PIN entry box. Your school's PIN number has been sent to the Primary Contact. If you don't know who your Primary Contact is or they aren't available, please contact the EDINA Helpdesk at to obtain the PIN.
Enter the PIN and click OK.

Map Manager PIN input box

The Map Manager window will open, listing the Saved Maps under your school's account.
Click on any map to view it in the map window in the background.

Sort your list

You can sort the list of saved maps using any of the fields (title, name, class and date) to organise, find and group maps to delete more easily.
Just click on the text Title, Name, Class or Date to sort by that column:
In the image below the list of saved maps is sorted by Date.

Map Manager window

Filter your list

You can also filter the list of saved maps.
Input text in any of the 4 boxes (Text, Name, Class or Date) to create a filtered list.
In the image below, the list is filtered by Name (Sam) and Class (7).

Map Manager filter maps

To clear the filters and get back to the list of All Saved Maps:

  1. click in each box that has text
  2. delete the text
  3. and press return

Creat folders and sub-folders

You can create folders to store saved maps. You can then save future maps to any folder you create.
Click the Add Folder button on the left:

Map Manager add new folder
  1. A New Folder is added to your list.
  2. Double click on the folder to select it.
  3. Type a folder name.

To create a sub-folder, just follow the process for adding a new folder.
Then click and drag the new folder on top of the folder you want it to be below.

Move maps to folders

To move any saved map to a folder, check the box next to it then drag it to the folder of your choice. In the image below, 5 maps are being moved to the class 7 folder:

Map Manager move maps to folder

Delete maps or folders

To delete a map(s) or folder(s), click the checkbox next to the items to select them. You can select multiple maps and folders for deletion.
Click delete (circled in the image below).

Map Manager delete maps or folders

You will see a list confirming the maps and folders that will be deleted.
Click Yes to confirm deletion or No to cancel.

NOTE: Maps and folders cannot usually be restored once deleted, so please proceed with care!
If you delete items by accident, you can email the EDINA Helpdesk at and we will try to restore the items for you. Let us know your school name and as much detail as possible on what was deleted (map titles, folder names and approximate time of deletion).