How to print a map

Once you have found the map you wish to print, select a format, page size and layout using the drop-down boxes. Enter a title for your map and your name in the boxes on the left hand side of your map. The title cannot be any longer than 72 letters and the name you enter cannot be any longer than 32 letters. This includes spaces, full stops and all other punctuation marks. You can also add Grid Lines to your map.

To preview the map area that will be printed, click the Show Print Extent box. A grey shaded rectangle will be displayed on your screen map. You can pan the map and zoom out to view the full extent, and check that your area of interest will fit on the printed map.
The map scale printed is the one that you were viewing when you clicked the checkbox. To refine the print area, click the Lock/Unlock box, the rectangle will turn orange. You will now be able to drag and reposition the rectangle.

Once you're happy with the settings and extent, you can print the map. Click the make printable map button to generate your print.

Print Options

Your printable map will then open, depending on your browser settings it will either open in a browser window or as a file. You can then print your map or save it to your computer to print later. JPG format is an image file and can be inserted into programmes such as Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

Internet Explorer users: A pop-up box with link saying 'Click here to get your print' will appear once your printable map has been created. Click on the link to download or open your map.

NB: When printing your map, ensure Page Scaling in your printer options is set to none (or scale is 100%), otherwise the scale of the printed map will be incorrect.

Make sure you have a printer with the right sized paper available. If you want to print maps at A3 you will need an A3 printer.

Printing annotations

If you have added annotations to your map on screen, they will automatically appear on your printed map if annotations are switched on.