How to save a map and how to open a saved map

You can save a map in order to come back to it later in your next class, or to share with teachers and other pupils. If you have added your own features using the Annotation Tools, they will also be saved when you save your map.

Save a map

To save a map, click on the Save Map icon Save Map icon on the toolbar. This will open the Save Map window.

Save Map Window

Type a Map Title, your name and your class in the Save Map box. Then click Save, your map will now be saved.

Open a Map

To Open a saved map, click on the Open Map icon Open Map iconthis will open the Open Map window.

Open map window

When you have found your map, click on the map name in the list and the map will open. If you saved annotations with your map they will also be opened.

Important Notes

  • The list will contain ALL maps saved by anyone in your school using Digimap for Schools. This is because Digimap for Schools uses one username and password per school.
  • You cannot overwrite a saved map. Maps with the same title, name and class will appear in the list.
  • It is not possible to delete a saved map in the Open a Saved Map window. To organise and delete maps that are not required, open the Manage Saved Maps window.