Q. What is Digimap for Schools?

A. Digimap for Schools is an online mapping service providing current and historical Ordnance Survey maps for viewing and printing. Our latest version contains global map coverage from our other data providers.

Q. Are there two versions of Digmap for Schools?

A. In November 2019 we introduced a new version of the service that contains global map coverage. This is a new and separate version that provides enhanced Global mapping coverage, new features such as overlays, improved drawing tools; better printing; global search gazetteer and an updated more accessible user interface. The older service wil be fully withdrawn on 28th February 2021.

Q. How can my school access the new Digimap for Schools service?

A. All schools will be able to subscribe to the new service 30 days prior to their existing subscription expiring. Subscription will be available as usual from the Subscription Portal by entering your school’s postcode and following the online instructions. Once completed you will be emailed your new login credentials and can start using the service immediately. If you need help completing the subscription forms online please contact Digimap for Schools Helpdesk.

Q. When my existing subscription runs out will I only be able to resubscribe to the new global version?

A. Schools resubscribing to Digimap for Schools before March 2020 will be able to choose between resubscribing to the old version or our new enhanced Global version. After March 2020 resubscribers will only be able to take our new enhanced Global service.

Q. What support will there be for those used to the old service in transitioning to the new service?

A. There is a comprehensive ‘transition guide’ available to assist your transition to the new service in addition to an online video tour, Help pages and our regular webinar support.

Q. Will my school be able to subscribe to both the old Digimap for Schools service as well as the new Global service?

A. No. It will not be possible to subscribe to both new and old versions.

Q. Can this replace our school atlases?

A. The Digimap for Schools service provides global digital maps at various scales from national to street level. It is intended as a regional and street level atlas and does not provide thematic (social, political, physical etc) type content. It does include the Collins Bartholomew World Panorama world reference map showing international boundaries and disputed territories for all countries.

Q. Can I see a preview of the new service before I buy?

A. Yes. A product tour video is available.

Q. How much does Digimap for Schools cost?

For GB primary schools: £99 + VAT
For GB secondary schools £159 + VAT
For International and all through schools £189 + VAT (where applicable)

Q. Why have the prices increased?

A. Our investment in delivering excellent value to the schools sector means that occasionally we need to review our pricing. Digimap for Schools has effectively been price frozen for nearly a decade. Our new Global coverage, enhanced service consequently comes with new revised pricing that still represents unrivalled value for money whilst allowing us to continue to offer the level of service and support that our community has grown to expect. As part of the University of Edinburgh, EDINA operates as a not-for profit but is required to levy a subscription fee in order to recover operational costs.

Q. How often are the maps updated?

A. Each style of Ordnance Survey map you see in Digimap for Schools is updated at a different point during the year. Some of the maps are updated twice a year in Digimap for Schools. Others, like the most detailed mapping, are updated more or less frequently. The oldest aerial photography will be updated as Getmapping fly parts of the country and capture up-to-date photography. Global map coverage is updated at least biannually. The historical mapping doesn’t change!

Q. How do I get a password?

A. Once your school has completed a subscription form your named school contact will be sent a username and password by email. There is only one username and password per school.

Q. What should I do if I’ve forgotten my login details?

A. Each school has a named contact. This is a teacher who acts as a contact between EDINA, who provide the service, and the school. If you have forgotten your login details, you can ask your named contact. Alternatively, if you are a member of staff you can email the Digimap for Schools Helpdesk stating your school name and postcode.

Q. What subjects is the service useful for?

A. Maps can be useful in many subjects. Among the more obvious ones are geography, history, business studies, biology, environmental studies and ecology. Any subject which includes an element of place or location may find Digimap for Schools useful.

Q. I’m responsible for delivery of initial teacher training at university, how can I and my students access Digimap for Schools?

A. If you are responsible for delivery of initial teacher training at university you are entitled to free access to Digimap for Schools provided your institution is already a subscriber to Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection (the service for Higher and Further Education). Contact digimap.schools@ed.ac.uk for more information.

Q. Are free trials available?

A. No. Due to licensing restrictions we are unable to provide a fully functioning free trial version however we have produced a comprehensive product tour video and we run frequent free webinars at which we demo the service and answer any audience questions.

Q. What are the technical requirements?

A. Digimap for Schools is designed to work with the latest version of the most popular web browsers. Please ensure you are using an up to date version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox or Safari. Digimap for Schools is also designed to work in Safari on iPads, on the latest iOS. Please note, the service has not been tested on all iPad Minis or Android devices.

Q. Can Digimap for Schools be used for Duke of Edinburgh (DofE)?

A. Yes, absolutely. Digimap for Schools is a great resource for students undertaking their DofE award. The measurement and drawing tools allow students to plot routes on up to date maps, centred on their location of interest.

Q. Where can I read the full Terms of Use?

A. See Terms of Use.