Try it out!

Our suggestions of tasks to get you up and running.

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Getting started activities

Easy tasks to get started

  • Try out the different ways of searching using place names or zooming & panning to navigate to the location. Find your house and find your school.

  • What is the length of Loch Ness? Find Loch Ness on a suitable map and use the Measurement Tools to measure the length/distance from one end to the other.

  • Use the Drawing Tools to plot your journey to school and add a measurement label to show the distance.

  • Search for a school you know and measure the area of the playground using the Measurement Tools.

  • Measure the distance between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

  • Go to Heathrow Airport, use the Aerial Imagery to find out how many aeroplanes are awaiting take off.

  • Find out how many Time zones there are in Russia. Also see if you can find the place that is 8 ¾ hours ahead!

  • Find the Grid Reference for the summit of Snowdon using the grid reference tool.

  • View a historic map of Happisburgh, Norfolk and use the slider bar to fade between the 1890s and modern map to view how it has changed.

  • Save your map, then create a printable PDF of your map.

More advanced tasks

  • Use the buffer tool to plot a line with 100m size along the River Tay through Perth to investigate the potential impact of flooding (or any river that you wish).

    • Create further buffers of differing distances (e.g. 200m, 500m) to investigate further impact.
  • Add photos to any of your maps

  • View a historic map of Perth, or anywhere of your choice. Use the Drawing Tools to draw a shaded area around the extent of the town/place.

    • Compare the shaded area to a modern map to view the expansion since the 1890s