About Digimap for Schools

About Digimap for Schools

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Digimap for Schools is an online mapping service for use by teachers and pupils. Established in 2010 and building on the EDINA Digimap service for higher and further education, Digimap for Schools is a collaborative venture between EDINA and Ordnance Survey.

In 2011, Digimap for Schools won the GA Publishers' Gold Award. The GA Publishers' Awards are given for materials associated with geography in schools and colleges which are considered to make a significant contribution to geographical education and professional development. In giving the award the GA said 'Digimap for Schools represents a superb opportunity for schools to make more detailed and flexible use of OS mapping and should have a real impact on the extent to which students of all ages may engage with high quality mapping resources'.

In 2015, the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers awarded EDINA with a Special Recognition Award for Digimap for Schools. In presenting EDINA with the award, SAGT explained the award was to recognise that Digimap for Schools was a successful resource extending across year groups in primary and secondary education. They also felt it was a resource that provides a variety of tools for a number of topics within the Geography curriculum and the broad general education. Amanda Ruffles, SAGT ‘We wanted to recognise it as a special reward given that it has been successful over the five years and will continue to be a resource that helps many students and teachers for years to come’.

Digimap for Schools provides easy access to a range of current and historical Ordnance Survey maps and aerial photography. Ordnance Survey mapping includes the most detailed mapping available for Great Britain, OS MasterMap, as well as digital versions of Ordnance Survey's famous paper maps, the Landranger and Explorer series. Also included are street level maps showing street names and road-atlas style maps. Historical maps of the 1890s and 1950's are provided courtesy of the National Library of Scotland. Aerial photography is provided courtesy of Getmapping.

Digimap for Schools offers a seamless digital map of Great Britain at each scale available. Maps can be printed as PDF files at A3 or A4 size and in landscape or portrait orientation. Maps can be printed with an individual's own map title and name included with the scale bar and school name and address. Search tools include postcode, place name or national grid reference and maps can be moved to centre on any chosen location within Great Britain. Map keys are available for each scale map to explain the symbols used within the map.

Digimap for Schools is a subscription service. Access is by username and password, supplied by EDINA. For more information on subscriptions please see our subscriptions page.

Getting started

Please find below some guides to help you learn about our maps and features, as well as posters to advertise your subscription around school.

Guides Flyer & Poster
Introductory activities Digimap for Schools flyer
Week 1: Maps and Places Staffroom poster
Week 2: Making your mark Login poster
Week 3: The numbers
Week 4: Explore and report


What teachers have been saying about Digimap for Schools

User friendly, up-to-date convenient mapping 

I think that it is a really flexible resource and has cross curricular use, far more than just maps. 

It's great fun - even our governors love it! 

A flexible resource which can be tailored to your own location, interests and curriculum. 

I think it is easy to use and produces clear and easy to use maps. The key advantage of this product is the printable maps. 

It is easy to use and is pupil friendly. Pupils quickly got the hang of it and were producing a range of maps on which to base their work 

Superb value for money 

It enables teachers to teach specific skills easily and allows the children to develop their own personal geographies via map work and journey enquiries. 

It allows easy access to maps at a wide range of different scales. The maps have proved to be very useful in teaching about many different geographical topics. We have used the maps extensively as part of the GCSE Controlled Assessment. 

Very efficient method of getting access to detailed maps, particularly useful for fieldwork 

It is extremely useful for planning fieldwork and producing base maps 

it is a quick and easy way to access up to date maps - also very useful to be able to zoom in to see more detail as required. 

Incredibly useful in all areas of mapwork with pupils helping them to engage with and enjoy geography within school.