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See what our community has been saying about Digimap for Schools

Digimaps for Schools is unparalleled in its brilliance and I use it constantly. From Year 3 to Year 8 my pupils have access to a user-friendly mapping system that teaches them more than a textbook ever could. To name a few examples, we have measured distances and areas around school and beyond, seen how towns and coasts have changed in the last 130 years and Year 8s have used Digimaps extensively to provide accurately labelled maps for their Common Entrance fieldwork projects. It is such a valuable resource and cheap too. Support, tutorials and webinars are always there to help you get the most out of it. It’s the most useful resource I have come across in 20 years of teaching geography.

Peter Coverdale, Head of Geography, Head of PSHE, Perrott Hill

Our Y13 students find Digimap for Schools particularly useful for their NEAs; locating their studies, planning their data collection, exploring temporal change, presenting data and analysing spatial patterns. Lower down school, we made use of Digimap during lockdown and students planned a route for a race through their local area. They had to walk the planned route and add images to their route on Digimap, adding a water station and assessing risks along their route as well as conducting a traffic count for locations close to main roads. Thanks for a simple but powerful mapping tool, accessible to all and easy to use. The team have always been very responsive to questions and issues and have supplied some superb pencils and rulers over the years!

Emma Johns, Hitchin Girls’ School

We love Digimaps as you can do so much with it from planning DofE trips to A level coursework. I love being able to overlay with old maps to show how places have changed.

Mrs Tania Grigg,Head of Geography, Torquay Girls’ Grammar school

Happy Birthday DMfS! The ease of use for both novice and advanced users makes Digimap the first port of call for students’ mapping needs. The ability for all teachers and students across all departments to have access makes Digimap exceptional value for money.

Simon Cuthbertson, Head of Geography, King’s Worcester

A superb resource for planning expeditions and cross-country running. Maps at any scale at your fingertips with really useful tools to measure distances and print customized copies.

Jim Freeman, Charterhouse

We have successfully used digimaps with all age groups from Year 7 to Year 13. It is such an easy-to-use interface that is accessible to all students of all abilities. Our A level students use it in the NEA for demonstrating their area of study and geolocating their data. GCSE have used current and historical maps to show rates of coastal erosion on the North East coast, the slide bar makes this process very simple. Happy 10th Birthday digimaps, it's exciting to see what new features that will be developed in the next 10 years.

Mrs V Stone, Head of Geography, St Leonards School Durham, St Leonard's Catholic School

We find Digimap an invaluable resource. It's great for all of our pupils, whether it be studying maps in geography lessons or planning actual routes that they will then walk as part of their activities programme. Being able to compare maps from different times is fascinating living as we do in a  dramatically changed New Town. Reclamation and development can be so clearly seen helping our pupils get a better grasp of the landscape they live in. More than anything it teaches them that a map helps you appreciate your surroundings in a way that you might not if you did not have the detail a map provides to hand.

Anthony Francis-Jones, Duke of Edinburgh Award Manager, Physics Department, Wrekin College

A fantastic resource which we use to explore our local area, as well as using it to display large quantities of fieldwork data showing changing places. We wouldn't be without it!!

Helen Jarman, Stanwell School

Geography is all about knowing your place in the world and Digimaps has allowed our students and staff to do just that.

Tiffany Gaston, QE School, Crediton, Devon

One of the most valuable resources ever developed in Geographical Education. Ideal for NEA site location, investigating place characteristics and changes over time, and exploring the UK and now the world as well as simply following one’s curiosity! Instant access to everywhere, past and present, for all ages anywhere. Brilliant. Thank you.

Dr Andrew Hodskinson, Head of Geography, Warwick School