Digimap for Schools is a joint venture between EDINA, Ordnance Survey, Getmapping and Jisc Collections.

Jisc Collections are the licensor of licensed Ordnance Survey data made available to schools in the United Kingdom via Digimap for Schools. Jisc Collections is a division of Jisc Collections and Janet Ltd. It supports the procurement of digital content for education and research in the UK.

The National Library of Scotland is a major European research library, with collections of world-class importance. It's Digital Resources Map Images collection contains over 91,000 high resolution maps of which it has donated it's Ordnance Survey one inch to the mile scanned maps for inclusion in Digimap for Schools.

Getmapping Getmapping Plc is a leading provider of aerial photography, LiDAR, digital mapping and web based services across Europe. Founded in 1999 Getmapping pioneered the concept of nationwide coverage of aerial photography creating the most comprehensive and detailed aerial photographic survey of the UK, called the Millennium Map™ and they were the first company to have maintained nationwide aerial coverage of Britain and pioneered online delivery of aerial photography to business and the public at large. Digimap for Schools are incredibly grateful to Getmapping for the use of their aerial photography in the service.

EDINA and Digimap are registered trademarks of The University of Edinburgh.

Photographs © Sandy Buchanan.