Print maps

You can create A3 and A4 printable maps with our print tool. Legends are optional and provided as a separate PDF file.

Create your print file

  1. Select the Print tool from the top toolbar.
  2. Input a Map title (optional)
  3. Input your name (optional)
  4. Select PDF or JPG as format - note both formats look exactly the same.
  5. Select A4 or A3.
  6. Select Portrait or Landscape.
  7. Optional additions:
    • Drawings - add your drawings to the print file.
    • National Grid Lines - add British Natiaanl Grid Lines.
    • Legend - add a separate PDF legend file.
  8. Select Generate Print File.

Print tool

Content Preview

The Content Preview shows a small area of map content, to let you see the style of your print file.

Layout Preview

The Layout Preview shows the area that will be covered by the print file (the rectangle shows the area that will be covered by an A4 portrait print file). You can drag the map in any direction to change the area covered.

Layout preview tab

Open and print your file

  1. Find your PDF or JPG file - the location will vary depending on your device’s setup.
  2. If you selected Add Legend, you will receive a zip file. This wil have 2 files in it - the print file and the legend file.
  3. Select either file to open.
  4. NOTE: when you print your map, ensure your print settings say Actual size to maintain scale.

Print settings

Here’s an image of an A4 portrait print file:

Print file example